We create high quality news and informational videos that are specifically designed to showcase and enhance the African experience and culture, both in Africa and around the globe. Our value added in the traditional news and informational sharing endeavors is our keen attention to what really matters to Africa and how that interplays with what is out there in the sea of news and information. Our ability to select what’s relevant and, more importantly, to determine what is key in enhancing and promoting African culture is what sets us apart from all others. In this regard, we are trailblazers and look forward to continually improving upon what we do for the benefit of our beloved Motherland. Although there are many ways and means by which information is or can be shared, we have chosen digital TV as the best and far reaching mode of sharing information for all it requires is access to Internet, which we know is increasingly becoming available, especially in Africa. Our objective is to access trending information that’s relevant in the promotion of African culture and values, as well as economic, political and social welfare in the continent. We do so via sharing videos we create or share from Africa. Besides news, these videos emphasize African traditions such as music, art and fashion, among others.


We know key in the development of Africa—or any country for that matter, is access to information. With the right information, one can decide how to best proceed with their business idea or ideas or, how best to make choices between and among the various competing options available. Thus, if you’re a businessman or woman or otherwise engaged in entrepreneurship, reaching out to a wide audience that can utilize your services or product becomes paramount. While some businesses and entrepreneurs have enough budgets to cover marketing and advertising costs, reality is most do not and therefore find themselves limited in how far they can grow their business. At AfriqueToday, we offer a platform you can easily reach your marketing and outreach goals without hurting your pocket or bottom line. For example, one way you can reach out or inform the world who you are and what you have to offer, is by having a well planned and executed interview to showcase what you have to offer. We can help you accomplish this, working with our experienced team of journalists and other professionals who understand your business niche, and how best to package and present it to the world through our channel. With AfriqueToday you are good to go. Your business, products or services will be showcased on our digital TV channel and will be viewed by our subscribers across the globe. The proprietary technology we have for our subscribers to use in accessing the information is state of the art, utilizing the fastest HTML5 video players.
AfriqueToday is video platform is poised to dramatically change how information is accessed in Africa and all parts of the world where there’s interest in Africa, especially between and among the African diaspora. Our easy to use and fast application ensures information and video delivery about Africa unlike anything that is out there to date. The constant updating of our application to ensure smooth running also ensures our subscribers are happy and enjoy the experience of utilizing our application, while accessing the important information and video services we offer.


At AfriqueToday, we recognize that for businesses to thrive in any country, especially in Africa, there must be good governance, which in turn requires and demands an informed public who are involved and actively participate in the political process. Often, the challenge is how to keep the public informed, especially those who do not have access to traditional media outlets such as newspapers, radio or television. In most countries, this dilemma leaves the public only relying on what is filtered and fed to them by their local politicians and activists who may not always have the interest of the public at heart. On the other hand, Africans in the diaspora long to connect with their native countries but, they, too, find it difficult or inconvenient to access information about their native countries. At AfriqueToday, we have a simple solution: provide access to this information via an application anyone with access to the Internet can easily access and utilize. So, if you are a civic organization and have a function or event you wish to have reach a target audience across the globe, we can show you how to do just that. If you’re a government official and have a function or event you wish to have broadcast to an audience outside your country and across the globe, we can also show you how to do just that. Our experienced team is in the ready, all we need is your reaching out to us via our contact page.


Africa has seen a burgeoning surge in Internet penetration growth rates. [Check for permission to use link] and with increased Internet access, comes a corresponding surge in social media interaction which continues to play an increasingly prominent role in politics, which has implications in all other aspects of any country’s economic and social life. Although some countries have shown reluctance or even outright distaste for social media, most have identified increased social media penetration as an asset for their own gain and the smarter ones have found ways to embrace social media and to promote their policies through the medium, which they have done successfully.
At AfriqueToday we see this, namely, the burgeoning of social media access as something advantageous for both government and the private sector. We accordingly offer a means to reach out to audiences in social media via our application and channel, which is present in all these social media platforms. Once we link your videos or, content we create for you, you can rest assured all these audiences in all these social media platforms will be reached almost effortlessly.

Live Event Video Package

Live streaming, which is online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast as it is happening, in real time, has become increasingly popular and is poised to be a dominant means most people receive news and information. At AfriqueToday, we offer you the opportunity to stream your event live, so that viewers can watch what’s happening at the exact moment it occurs. This will enable you to connect with audiences when you’re recording something special. Given our experience and expertise, several businesses trust us with their live streaming as well as video quality requirements. So do individuals, production studios, educators, special occasion videographers, and more who all know they can rely and depend on our quality production experience and expertise. We create high quality videos that resonate with audiences, astound viewers, and add substance to the African culture. By doing so, we hope to help maintain and grow the African culture through videos from the African continent. If you have a need and would like to take your business idea or project to a higher level, we are here to help you do just that. All we ask is you get in touch with us via our [contact] page and we’ll be more than happy to respond with a solution that meets your needs and budget. We take great pride in forming long-lasting relationships with our customers and associates.