Femi Oyedipe

Chief Executive, Losches Chocolate, Lagos Nigeria

Femi Oyedipe is the CEO & Co Founder of LoshesChocolate birthed in 2015. With a
diversified wealth of experience in Biochemistry, Human Resources, Client RelaHons and
Business Management, Femi owns the experHse to successfully manage day to day
business operaHons and the organizaHon’s key asset; employees and clients. Having lived
and worked in different parts of the world, she has honed the craP for design and
aestheHc management and understands what excellent customer service delivery entails.

She is highly creaHve with a knack for quality management and brand projecHon. Since
2016, The Company has experienced significant growth and acceptance amongst the
local and internaHonal communiHes. LoshesChocolate products are spread across local
unique high-end stores and at the InternaHonal Duty Free with further plans to expand to
the internaHonal climes.
She has achieved cerHficaHons in the Art of Bean to Bar processing of Chocolates from
Legnano, Italy. She also holds a Master’s degree from Robert Gordon University in
Aberdeen and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.
Femi is a firm believer of wellness, organic and clean label foods. sustainability, capacity
development of local resources and environmental consciousness. By 2021 She plans to
drive LoshesChocolate operaHons towards Green ProducHon Thinking and Circular
Environment whereby waste generated is recycled for energy generaHon, verHcal
planHng and animal feeds.