Rosemary Mburu

CEO, Institute of Trade Development (ITD), Kenya


  1. Rosemary Mburu has aMaster’s degree in Economics (International Trade) from the University of Calgary, Canada, B.A degree in Economics from the University of Nairobi. She also has a postgraduate Diploma Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation from the Pan African Institute of Development, Kabwe, Zambia.  She has done several courses in trade especially in export management, quality management standards, food safety standards, management of water and wastewater, WTO Agreements, international supply chain and logistics.


  1. Rosemary started an exportbusiness to Canada and USA in 1985 selling handicrafts from Kenya while at the University of Calgary. She imported vehicles from Japan to Kenya.She also started and run a clearing and forwarding company.1990 – 1993


  1. Rosemary started her working career at the Ministry of Planning and National Development and the Ministry of Technical Training and Applied Technology. One of the key contributions while working in the public service was, being one of the initiator of government strategy on “Training for Self-Employment” (Entrepreneurship Skills) in all learning institutions in Kenya. This has helped develop the entrepreneurial capacity which has contributed significantly to employment creation and poverty reduction in Kenya in the last  32 years.


  1. Rosemary started her own trade consultancy firm in 1993 driven by experience gained in exporting and importing business. Since then she has carried out extensive work in trade promotion for the last 30 years as a consultant and trainer in public and private sectors.


  1. Rosemary is well knowledgeable on the rules of trade under the World Trade Organization–the Multilateral Trading System on Agreements on Trade in Goods, especially trade facilitation agreement (Bali Package), Trade in Services and Intellectual Property Rights.


  1. Rosemary is well versed on regional integration issues and carried several studies for the EAC integration. She has also been involved in the process of AFCFTA ratification and awareness creation. Other  regional blocks I have been  involved in various ways include COMESA, SADC, EU and NAFTA and others


  1. Rosemary has trained over 500 SMEs, large private companies and public institutions in Kenya, EAC and the COMESA region on WTO rules of trade, Rules of Origin, Technical Barriers to Trade, Sanitary and Phytosanitary, Agreement on Customs Valuation, customs procedures and documentation. Managing international logistics, international purchasing and supply Chain Management, public procurement, food safety standards on EUREPGAP, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.


  1. Rosemary provided technical support/input in 2014 to the Kenya Bureau of Standards undera USAID  project called  Standards Alliance Project, through training of 25 Counties  in Kenya on Technical Barriers of Trade and Trade Facilitation. In that programme we trained 174 policy makers and regulators in Kenya and 321 SMEs business on trade facilitation and WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement.


  1. Rosemary has carried out several studies such as Trade Facilitation Systems in East Africa, Productivity Improvement at the ports ofDar essalaam and Mombasa, Baseline Study for Single Window System for Rwanda and many others.